Hello everyone ,as we move ahead in the shading tutorials .Today we will be doing a eyebrow shading . So, stay calm and follow the steps given below.


* Sketching Pencil set



As we move on to our next shading tutorial of eyebrows , just remember we all believe in ourselves and we believe in trying till we get the technique right so pursue your dreams step by step .

Firstly we will be drawing the shape of the eyebrow we want with a pencil .Always start with drawing your shape and then deciding the details of parts requiring the perfect tones.Like for example in an eyebrow we will be using a lighter tone at the start and darker tone as the eyebrow tapers off at the end. You can try using the ear bud technique for merging the shading part as shown in the video .

The next step is lightly shade the eyebrow giving it required thickness and tones. Here, we will be using light tone at the thicker end and medium dark at the center and as the eyebrows taper we will be using the dark tone. We have already studied the different tones in the first shading tutorials .Please refer to it for guidance.

After the shading we will be starting focusing on the detailing part. So, in case of the eyebrows we have to use a sharp pencil and start giving thin but sharp strokes in one direction so that we get the thin hair like strokes.
Always start from one direction and as you start filling you eyebrow remember as we move at the end that is the tapering end of the eyebrow you have to draw two sets of hair one from middle part and other in the downward direction. As you see the video these things will get clarified .
Just remember to observe the structure of the eyebrows and the dense and sparseness of the hair at places.
At the end now you give a light shading base to the eyebrows as base to camouflage the skin below .

So here is the shading tutorial for an eyebrow .Hope you all enjoyed.

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