Hello everyone hope you all are enjoying our beginner friendly tutorials. Today we will be learning how to make simple bunch of colorful balloons using watercolors.
So grab a few colors of your choice and lets begin.


* Windsor and Newton Watercolors.

*Round Graduate Daler Rowney Brushes.

*Camel Photo Ink

*Handmade Paper / 220GSM watercolor sketch book

*wax candle .

To begin with let’s draw a bunch of balloons using a pencil as shown.
We will be making them showcasing their transparent nature without any design on it, a very simple one.

After drawing the bunch of balloons using a pencil , now we choose few colors of our choice for painting each balloon to make it look colorful .
As we all know ,the balloons will surely have reflection and light and dark tones depending on the light .
Keeping that in mind we will be using a small trick here .With the help of a wax candle we will make the strokes having white area (highlight) on the balloons as shown in the video. This will not allow the water to stay on that part of the paper giving us the effect we need .
After which take your watercolor brush and your desired color to start painting the balloons , remember to keep it light and slowly add the dark tones wherever required. Therefore , keep color less on your brush and more of water content and add more color as you require.
Always wait patiently so that the color of balloons dry properly to avoid any smudging or mixing of two colors which you don’t want.
As you complete all the balloons now, take a thin brush and give an outline to the painting for it to stand out and look attractive .
And here we are having a perfect bunch of watercolor balloons which help us learn the basics of watercolor painting like the amount of water required and how to give light and dark tones easily but patiently .
Hope you all enjoyed the painting .

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