New Year Card

As this 2020 year is coming to end making us realise you cannot take the Nature for granted and bowing down to it is the only right thing to do. This year has been full of ups and downs for each one of us; many lived for others and also laid down their lives for the humankind. Let us also remember all the Covid Warriors (doctors, nurses and medical staff, sanitary workers) and our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their nation. Let us all pray for them and their families, hoping for a  healthy New Year full of happiness, peace and tranquillity.


* Camel Photo Ink Colors.

* Windsor and Newton Watercolors.

* Watercolor Brushes.

* WaterColor Paper 220GSM.

* Black sketch pen

* White acrylic color


Firstly, let’s write the no.2021 on your paper as shown above. You can also use a stencil or jus a scale choosing your width, size, length as desired .Following which now you can add the little butterfly at one end just touching the number .You can be as creative as you like to draw the butterfly.

Now this step is really important to make your year pop out nice and bright. Now, take a white candle and start rendering it inside the year 2021 number you have written. Make sure you cover all the corners and spaces to avoid any color to enter it.

Now, it’s the most exciting part and that involves mixing of colors through blowing them .Wondering now? Let me explain, with the help of a brush start wetting the area around 2021 slowly and slowly drop colors. Let the colors take its course and start blowing the drops when wet in different directions you want to get that wonderful spread of the colors. It’s   okay if they mix along the way just make sure you are not too strict with yourself, use the colors of your choice and just let the colors do their job.

Once dries now you can move on to the little butterfly and color it as you wish .After which you can slowly give an outline to 2021 with a sketch pen and then jus drop few drops of white acrylic paint in form of dots here and there.

This painting is all about your choices and having a good time with them. Just play with colors and adjust their brightness and quantity used to make the tones you wish to see. So, make your own choices and develop a painting in your own style .Hope you will enjoy it and do let us know how you felt after trying it.

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