When it snows what is the first thing we feel like doing ? Absolutely right, we go out all geared up for making a Snowman along with some hot chocolate.So, here we are today playing with watercolors to make a beautiful painting of a snowman kids always love.


* Windsor and Newton Watercolors.

* Watercolor Brushes.

* WaterColor Paper 220GSM.

* Camel Photo Ink Colors.


Lets begin drawing the sketch first, as shown in the fig above , draw the sketch on your paper . Always try keeping the sketch as light tone as possible since we are using watercolors.While sketching understand that we have to show snow and it is going to be the white of the paper in most of the places so keep it clean withut any pencil marks..

As, shown in the figure ,now start your first wash of watercolors . I am using transparent photo ink colors as I like the vibrancy it gives to the painting ,you may also use regular colors for the same.Starting from the background I have used persian blue color along with it to show trees in snow I have used the green and violet color to add prominence and cold weather.Since the wash contains more of water content it will be easy to mix colors as they flow even at places you can just splash color ,enjoy your painting it need not be exactly as show by me .After which now I turn towards the area of trees to give it a darker tone,here I have used persian blue color .

Let this first wash dry completely and then proceed second wash ,if you do not have patience use a hair drier for the same .

Moving ahead after the first wash has dried completely ,now we have to use more of color than water we used earlier .Always try and play with colors to get the right shade you desire ,as that is how you learn to get to understand your color palette in detail (always note down the color combinations or prepare a color chart for your reference later).Just enjoy the christmas feel and paint . Start adding some brown color to the tree barks .In order to show snow on the tree bark we have left the white of paper itself to give the natural effect.

For the beautiful cap and scarf I have used mix of Red and orange color ,slowly adding the darker tone with the help of persian blue (where there is shadow).ADDING the splashes of violet to give it a vibrant look along with depicting the chilled climate.

While doing the snowman keep in mind its dimensions and most important the shape which is round .As you now lightly color the snowman with strokes or rather splashes of persian blue to give it that realistic look.Always remember we have to give it a snow effect for which use the end tip of brush .Interesting right! we develop our own comforts to give effects as we practice and learn with strokes so keep trying and playing with your colors and brushes.

Moving on to the last layer ,Now we had the details of the face of the cute snowman we have made . Try using the thin brush with a sharp tip to avoid any thick strokes.Also add the snow fall effect with a small twist which I use at times and that is using a little of white acrylic color. It gives it perfect texture and look as you can see above .

So enjoy painting and refresh yourself by doing what you love …Hope you like it and you will surely give it a try.

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