Hello everyone ,as we move ahead in the shading tutorials .Today we will be doing a realistic Nose shading . So, stay calm and follow the steps given below


* Sketching Pencil set




Let’s begin with the sketching , initially you can use any HB Pencil you like .After getting the tones right and you understand the technique you can always start using different sketching pencils. Pencil sketching primarily involves tones light, medium and dark depending on the object you are creating with respect to all the light source and reflections. So, once you know how much pressure to put for each tone you will surely master it soon.

As I said earlier we will begin first by adding the lighter tones ,thus using HB pencil to start with to just understand the basic structure of the nose. Begin to shade in one direction slowly marking the thickness and shape of the nose . this will comprise of first layer which will be light toned.
As you proceed now , start using your 4B pencil to give medium tone , remember to give strokes on one Direction only and avoid using eraser as much as possible when you shade.
Understand the shape of the nose as it leads to the nostrils where the curves of it will have to be given in the similar shape .

As you can see in the above figure the upper part of the nose is kept light toned as it shows the slopes on either sides and also a little reflection is seen too as light falls on it .So, remember to keep it light shade and show the reflection with a small part at the centre which is left blank.
Just above the nostrils you have to show the pointed part of the nose .But, since it is a frontal view you have to show it with slight curve .Since the curve part in reality is the part that curves inside ,the part below it given a medium tone .Whereas, the area near the nostrils is given a darker tone showcasing shadow .
As we move towards the caved part of nostrils ensure that you do keep in mind about the dark tone inside the caved in part .These small details lead to the realistic view otherwise it may look incomplete or one dimensional leading to looking different as discussed.
When you shade always consider the surrounding of that figure as in here it is the part below nostrils which we have catered to by giving it slight shadow in medium tone .Thus, giving the slight hint of its position on face .

Every detail in the shading adds to its realistic appearance ,so never skip any part .As shown above the shade card is given to understand the light, medium, dark shades. So, when you do it you will get an idea as to how much light and dark tones we require .

This technique of hatching in sketching is not only great to try out when you are a beginner but also gives you as easy start to pursue and practice the skill.

Gain confidence while you practice, as without practice there in no perfection .

Hope you have enjoyed it!

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