Jingle Bell

Today , we are going to learn something new .A technique in which all you need is a pencil and a paper ,this technique is known as pencil sketching. We all have done it some time or the other in our lives .Sometimes just scribbling behind our school notebooks or just shading a flower you drew waiting for someone.Since chirstmas is just round the corner ,we have selected a Christmas bell as our object for today’s pencil sketch.


* Sketching Pencil set




Let’s begin with the sketching , initially you can use any HB Pencil you like .After getting the tones right and you understand the technique you can always start using different sketching pencils. Pencil sketching primarily involves tones light,medium and dark depending on the object you are creating with respect to all the light source and reflections. So, once you know how much pressure to put for each tone you will surely master it soon.

Firstly, draw the bell outline as shown the fig above, you need to get the shape right first and then we may proceed ahead.Always remember to start with light tone first and slowly move on to dark tones wherever required as later its difficult to get light tone and using eraser is something you want to avoid as much as possible.Getting the shape and object position is very important here as it later determines your strokes which will give the round effect in this case .Start using your pencil for rendering in one direction and remember to use it in one direction only ,keeping the tone light .I have left the portion of reflection blank as it will show the reflections (so i have excluded those spaces in the drawing by marking t hem lightly).

The type of technique we are going to use is the hatching technique. Its using your pencil in one direction and with same pressure through out the sketch and is widely used .

As you can see in above figure, we have now rendered using a medium tone (ie. a little darker than before ).The areas of shadows or where light is not reaching are the ones to be given a darker tone than the rest of the areas on the bell. Now, you will observe that your sketch is coming to life ,as it is getting a 3D view since we are catering for reflections and areas where light is not reaching giving it lighter and darker tones respectively.

This is our last step towards our sketch where we will look into minute details such as the reflection of bell on the ground , giving darker tone to the light cannot reach like the center of the bell ie. the hollow space.Since the bell is made of metal even the reflection details on the chain needs to be done properly .In this step ,you can use 6B or 8B as they have darker tone and it is easier to give the required darker tone where needed.

Always remember that Sketching though seems easy needs patience and understanding just as other forms of paintings .Understanding of perspectives and light sources come with practice and as we all say practice makes a man perfect .So, lets begin this journey of sketching with lots of dedication with his beautiful and easy sketching technique.Hope you all enjoy !

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