Christmas Celebration

As the Christmas Bells are ringing and we all are all set to welcome the Festive Season of Christmas together.Here, is an easy to do Acrylic Painting of Christmas decorations without which this festival is incomplete.Hope you enjoy the process and have a wonderful month of Christmas with your near and dear ones.Merry Christmas too all of you.

As the festive season is round the corner, here I am with an easy Christmas Painting to put on your beautifully decorated Wall.


* Windsor and Newton Acrylic colors.

*Acrylic Color Brushes.

*Gresso primer

*Canvas 6” *6”.

**Drawing Christmas Celebration step by step ** 

Lets get started with Painting then , so firstly we will be applying the Gresso white primer uniformly to your canvas and leave to dry completely .

After which now we can start the drawing of our objects in the painting. The objects have easy shape so please refer to the picture above and draw it lightly with help of a pencil.

Moving ahead now as we know the objects are in place and we know their boundaries so lets start with painting with acrylic colors .

Firstly lets color the bottom ground , I have used sap green color here and lightly added the persian blue color to give it a darker tone . In order to make it look uniform and in darker tone I have given 2-3 layers of the same which helps the area stand out.

*Moving ahead to festive Christmas Cap , we start with doing the fur border and the soft ball at its end for which ,I have used white color along with a hint of Persian blue color to it.The main point to keep in mind here is that you must understand the fur nature of the border and try and elevate it to give the texture feel . I know initially it may be a little difficult but as we say practice makes it perfect and trying it is the first step towards it.

*After which we start with the top part of the cap using the red color .Here ,there are two parts where the tone of color is dark due to shadow and other part is bright. For the shadow part, I have used Red color with a hint of Persian blue and black color.For the bright part I have used a hint of orange mixed with the red color. As you paint remember the folds of the cap ,as it will give us the impact of the object and how they are arranged. Wherever the cap has folds try and merge the colors to show the transition.

*Our next object is the metallic ball ,this object has many layers to take care of , like the reflection,shades/tones and its position the way it is placed on the cap and its round shape.Here to show reflections a grey color shade is used along with hint of black and white .The merging of different shades is playing a very important role in showcasing the light reflections in the painting.

*Our last object in the painting is the small bell. Here ,the color given to the bell is red color along with change of tones where reflection and depth is observed .Like, the reflection has been shown by using a hint of white and the depth inside the bell as well as the shadow portion is shown by the black color .The merging of colors and the highlights play an important role in the painting so that is a technique you can learn here using these small objects.

Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Acrylic Painting ,and will try your hand at it without thinking how will it end up looking because anything when done with passion and dedication always shines and looks beautiful.

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