Hi friends, hope u all are healthy and safe . After a few tutorials on basics of sketching today we will be doing lips in watercolors. It ma seem a little difficult to.some but trust me as you try and put in the layers you will see your painting blooming as in the video.


* Windsor and Newton Watercolors.

* Watercolor Brushes.

* WaterColor Paper 220GSM.

* Camel Photo Ink Colors.

So lets begin to first draw the lips using a pencil .

Here, remember to draw the rough sktech in right proportion. The size of lips should be proportionate as otherwise they will look very different. Try and draw the little details also in there as this will help you while giving highlights.

In order to start coloring ,make sure you make the right skin color tone you require on lips .
You can make it mixing yellow color with red or pink .
First we will be giving the splash effect which is optional so that we can cover the splashes on the lip if they spill .For which , I have used yellow and skin color . Just tap you brush and let the paint do its work.
Now, take some skin color on the brush and start painting the upper lip with slowly and. Remember to leave the highlighted area as we will be keeping it white to give a filling effect.
As you do the skin color slowly start adding the red color onto the lips. After first layer dries add on another darker tone of red and skin color to both the lips one by one . For the darkest tone on the lips you can add a little of Pursian blue color and getb the tone right.

As you finish both the lips now let’s get onto the teeth . For the teeth mix blue,red and yellow color to get light gray and give a light tone to the teeth . Remember to keep the tone light and using the same gray but in darker tone color the inside of mouth behind the teeth thus highlighting the teeth .
Final pic….

Finally just give the touch ups to the minor details and let it dry thoroughly .
Hope you enjoyed this painting tutorial.

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