Playing in cheer with no worry to care,

She was a girl many would glare.

Kind at heart, jolly and gay,

Then came responsibilities that had to be played.

Unknown to worries but strong and bold,

Family was what she would always hold.

Understanding all,she would sometimes fail,

But never her mind in negative thoughts derail.

Judged by all,understood by some,

Expectations sometimes takes it all.

Wondering in thought she would lay,

Can I be the old ME,in sometime of the day?

Simplicity in life,is all she asks,

Not caring of any luxuries at heart.

Ups and downs keep merging in her life,

But as they came she would say,’Stay strong my dear,this too shall pass’.

Keeping in mind the childhood phrase,

“Blessed is who expects nothing, for all you have is a blessing”.

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